TI Automotive hosts Europe Supplier Day in Königstein, Germany

On April 6, 2016, TI Automotive hosted over 110 European-based suppliers and 40 TI Automotive employees for a conference in Konigstein, Germany. This is the third supplier day held in the region.

The half-day event provided our European-based suppliers with important information about the company, including the new ownership structure, technology plans well aligned with industry mega-trends, quality expectations, legal reminders, conflict mineral compliance, and supplier scorecards.

Stefan Pscheidl, Global NPP and Europe FCS Purchasing Director,  Robert Rubanko, Global HVAC Purchasing Director and Steve Vercauteren, Global FTDS Purchasing Director presented three suppliers with awards for outstanding contributions and teamwork. Our supplier performance is absolutely critical for TI Automotive’s success.

Bogdan Mieszczak, Europe FCS Managing Director, highlighted TI Automotive’s new ownership, strong performance and bright future.

“We’ve been hosting Supplier Days, alternating among regions, since 2011, as a way to communicate and educate our suppliers regarding our key initiatives and expectations”, said Drew Sheffield, Global Corporate & FCS Purchasing Director. “These cross-functional events provide networking, highlight the value of doing business with TI Automotive, and allow us to share our 2016 priorities; this year we emphasized the mandate to follow robust quality processes, such as the Safety/Regulatory – or “S/R” – Process to exceed heightened customer quality expectations in the wake of major recalls in our industry.”

TI Automotive held a similar top supplier meeting in China early of 2016 and will continue to do so to strengthen our partnerships. The next supplier day will be held in Auburn Hills, MI in early 2017.