Contacting TI Automotive

We thank you for visiting our site. If you are currently not a supplier to TI Automotive and would like to get information on
how to become an approved supplier, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the Supplier General Information Survey (SGIS) which can also be found below.
  2. Complete the GIF making sure to answer all questions and provide all information as requested.
  3. Attach the GIF and any supporting documents to an email and submit it to the appropriate TI Division for your product
    using the email addresses of the Division Purchasing Contact identified below.

Fluid Carrying Systems


Krystin Kreschmer

Fuel Tank & Delivery Systems

Marie Guazzoni Contact Marie Guazzoni Resin
Jean-Sebastien Raguet Contact Jean-Sebastien Raguet Electrical / Metallic / Valves / Rubber
Stefan Nobels Contact Stefan Nobels Plastic / Filtration / Deputy on Resins

Fluid Carrying Systems
Powertrain Products

Krystin Kreschmer

Non Production purchasing

Georg Schulz

Fluid Carrying Systems
Thermal Products

Robert Rubanko Europe
Bob Xi Asia
John Sniegowski North America

Download all contact information: Contacting TI Automotive

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